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*Multiple Systems Available

The NanoSEM 3D system’s exceptional in-line accuracy and process control eliminate more time-consuming and costly off-line wafer cross-sectioning while helping chipmakers to streamline process development, improve device performance and yield, and shorten ramp times to high-volume production.

  • Model: AMAT NanoSEM 3D
  • Description: Critical Dimension System
  • Wafer Size: 300mm
  • Serial Number: Multiple Units Available
  • Warranty: As Is or Refurbished to Customer Spec
  • CE Marked

    Install Type: Stand Alone

    Cassette Interface: (3) 300mm FOUP

    Roll-Around Ergo-Station w/Touch-Screen

    Status Lamp

• Slope Reconstruction

• CH Analysis

• Profile Grade

• Discrete Inspection

• Defect Review


  • Loader: AMAT ADO with RFID
  • Wafer Size: 300mm
  • ETU 300mm
  • ITU 300mm